PPC customers signing up for ebills in numbers to avoid extra charge

Main power utility PPC customers are signing up for the utility’s ebill offer in considerable numbers to avoid an additional one-euro charge introduced and imposed on conventional printed electricity bills sent through the post.

PPC’s administration expects to have a clear picture early next week on the number of applications submitted, through a full statistical update.

According to sources, tens of thousands of households are submitting PPC’s electronic application form to avoid any new further charges on their electricity costs, even if trivial.

Even so, a considerable percentage of PPC’s 7.2 million customers have not embraced the  ebill offer for a variety of reasons. Some customers do not have internet access, while others are elderly citizens not engaged with any internet activity.

This group of customers sticking to the conventional billing system promises to generate additional revenue for the power utility and cut down on postage-related operating costs. PPC issues some 40 million electricity bills each year.