PPC chief: Fair rules for all needed in NOME-type auctions, new CATs

The CEO at PPC, the Public Power Corporation, Arthuros Zervos, commenting on various developments in the electricity market as the corporation released its nine-month financial results, has stressed that fair rules for all participants are needed in the upcoming NOME-type auctions and new Capacity Availability Tickets (CATs).

“As I have underlined on numerous occasions, to be able to fund strategic investments that will have a positive impact on our operational efficiency, which would benefit our shareholders and customers, we need a regulatory environment that will promote the transition towards a truly liberalized market, one that will operate with transparency and fair rules for all participants,” Zervos noted. “These principles will also need to be taken into account during the upcoming crucial regulatory decisions for the electricity market,” he added.

The PPC head official took the opportunity to remind of the problems being caused by the overtaxation of electricity bills.

“We believe there is a need to lessen the burden of overtaxation and other surcharges levied on electricity bills,” Zervos pointed out. “From our side, having already achieved a major reduction in manageable operating costs, we are continuing to focus on the further improvement of our operational efficiency.”