PPC plan includes strategic investments for distr. operator

Power utility PPC’s new business plan, presented yesterday, envisages distribution network operator DEDDIE/HEDNO, a subsidiary, as a key catalyst in the country’s energy transformation with major investments lined up for the operator.

DEDDIE/HEDNO, according to the business plan, covering 2021 to 2023, will make 13 strategic investments worth a total of 1.6 billion euros.

These investment moves are expected to increase the operator’s regulated asset base by 500 million euros to 3.5 billion euros at the end of the three-year period and also boost PPC’s operating profit by 70 million euros by 2023.

The operator’s list of strategic investments includes control center and information system upgrades, smart meter installations, improved customer service, network automation, IT modernization, development of remote customer service systems, adoption of digital tools, supply chain reorganization, and a new data management system.

In addition, DEDDIE/HEDNO expects to save 80 million euros from operating cost improvements, including partial replacement of retiring personnel; automation and digitization of key operations; as well as the adoption of RES load forecast analysis systems and demand management tools.