PPC boss, on China visit, seeking collaboration with CMEC

Main power utility PPC’s chief executive Manolis Panagiotakis, who has joined Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on an official visit to China, has held a series of meetings with numerous Chinese company representatives in Beijing and Shanghai.

Panagiotakis has met with representatives of 17 major Chinese companies to discuss matters concerning electricity production, smart grids, possible collaborations, as well as environmental upgrades of units, according to a PPC announcement. The PPC boss also visited Chinese power stations.

Preceding talks had been held in Athens with officials representing a number of these Chinese firms. The latest meetings highlighted the high standards and knowhow possessed by Chinese enterprises, while also confirming their interest for cooperation.

Energypress sources informed that the PPC boss’s most prominent meeting was held with officials of CMEC, one of China’s biggest construction groups with a strong international presence in major electromechanical projects.

PPC officials are believed to be interested in working together with CMEC for the development of a new lignite-fired power station in Meliti, northern Greece, and on ventures in Albania.