PPC aims to launch pivotal Ptolemaida V unit in March

Power utility PPC is aiming to launch its new and pivotal Ptolemaida V power station, a 660-MW facility undergoing a final stage of trial runs, by late March.

Trial runs at Ptolemaida V were interrupted by technical issues that arose in December, but the facility is expected to resume operating around January 22 for continual tests over a one-and-a-half-month period before its full-scale commercial launch.

This facility, to initially operate as a low-emitting lignite-fired power station before eventually converting to natural gas, promises to greatly contribute to the grid’s energy sufficiency.

If this winter’s weather conditions deteriorate and prompt a spike in energy demand, the energy sufficiency effort will greatly depend on PPC’s lignite reserves amassed at its lignite-fired power stations.

PPC has accumulated roughly three million tons of lignite at its lignite-fired power stations, close to its target of 3.5 million tons.

The power utility’s current lignite quantity would suffice to keep its lignite-fired power stations, seven in total, running continuously over one month, PPC officials noted.

PPC is aiming to double its overall lignite-fired electricity production this year, from 5 TWh to 10 TWh.