PPC agenda being reworked for growth orientation, chief says

PPC, Greece’s main power utility, needs to return to its former dimensions, while the corporation’s ties with Greek society must be reinstated, the corporation’s newly appointedchief executive Manolis Panagiotakis told an Economist energy conference in Athens today.

Panagiotakis said he was hopeful for the future, noting that the government has already expressed it will support PPC as a growth tool.

“It goes without saying that, as the biggest investor, employer, producer, and supplier of electricity, the corporation is being called upon to regather and redirect its potential, after weighing and combating new challenges, and support the production model needed by the country,” Panagiotakis noted.

Commenting on RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Panagiotakis said he does not doubt the authority’s independence, necessity and usefulness for the market’s smooth functioning and monitoring of the network’s efficiency.