PPC abusing its market dominance, rivals protest

Responding to main power utility PPC’s aggressive pricing policy offering reduced tariffs since late August, primarily for enterprises, rival electricity retailers have appealed to RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy. Rivals contend the power utility is abusing its dominant market position to prevent them from increasing their market shares.

According to energypress sources, some of PPC’s bigger rivals in the retail electricity market are preparing legal cases at both local and European levels.

As part of the latest bailout agreement for Greece, PPC, which controls 95 percent of the country’s retail electricity market, must reduce its market share. Based on the agreement, 25 percent of PPC’s customers will need to transfer to rival companies in the immediate future, while no electricity suppliers will be permitted to hold more than a 50 percent share of the market by 2020.

“It’s obvious that the market will not be able to open up further when its major player – despite controlling a 95 percent share – is pursuing an aggressive and selective pricing policy in an effort to either regain lost customers or create disincentives preventing the transfer of certain consumer categories to rival companies,” a major company official told energypress, while also doubting whether the bailout conditions can be met should PPC insist with its aggressive policy.

PPC has prepared a “corporate” package offering particularly appealing prices for enterprises represented nationally through extensive networks. The main power utility has also lowered prices for medium and low-voltage consumers (commercial enterprises, shops, small-scale industries).