PPAs no longer unfamiliar ground for banks, offering corporate financing

Banks no longer view green-energy PPAs with hesitation and have opened up to providing significant corporate financing to investors involved in such agreements, a major turnaround observed over the past few months, market officials have observed.

Banks are focusing on corporate PPAs as interest by investors in such arrangements has grown considerably, market officials told energypress.

Unlike the recent past, banking institutions are now well versed on PPAs as they have acquired the necessary know-how and appropriate tools to assess credit profiles of parties involved, as well as risks entailed.

This shift in attitude by banks, underlined by participants at a recent Energyyear conference, is helping nurture a growing number of PPAs in the Greek market.

However, banks remain reserved on providing financing solutions for merchant PVs, still a developing sub-sector, market officials noted, but are closely tracking the sector’s development for prospective financing.