Poll frontrunner, leftist Syriza, promises changes in energy

Syriza, the main opposition, left-wing party that has radically opposed the government across the board and is ahead in polls, is making final adjustments to its energy policy. However, although now less than two weeks away from the snap elections, the party’s energy agenda still lacks specifics and priorities. Syriza officials have assured that the party’s energy agenda will acquire further detail over the next few days.

In the run-up to the elections, Syriza has clearly stated it regards the energy sector as a matter of public and social interests, while adding that the country will need to make investments to achieve restructured productivity and enter a new era in the battle against climate change through the development of new energy-related technology.

Syriza, in a rundown of its energy agenda obtained by energypress, stresses that it intends to alter the country’s role in the international market as a mere buyer, or consumer, of advanced technology, and, instead, utilize domestic research potential currently either sitting idle or being brain-drained out of Greece for better prospects elsewhere.

These are the main reasons why public companies need to exist and control power and gas matters, while current free-market revisions taking place at a European level in the energy sector aim to fully commercialize the sector, Syriza noted. The party clearly does not agree with the course being taken.

As for hydrocarbon exploration, Syriza noted that international experience has proven the need for systematic research over extended periods, even decades, before real results can emerge. The leftist party criticized the conservative New Democracy party-led coalition of using the country’s hydrocarbon prospects as a mere communicative tool for interests of political expediency.

On energy-sector privatizations worked on by the coalition, the Syriza party stated that state-controlled companies are indispensible tools for energy policy and production. Subsequently, the series of attempted privatizations will need to be cancelled, while productive restructuring will be a necessary step, the party noted.

The party’s plan for PPC, Syriza noted, entails unifying all its subsidiary firms, restructuring, investment in the upgrading of facilities and environmental concerns. Syriza will reduce the cost of electricity by utilizing local sources and eliminating indirect costs such as taxes and surcharges that make up 70 percent of electricity price levels being charged, the party stated.