PM Mitsotakis: We must make society an ally on climate change

“We have set an ambitious goal, as the European Union, to reduce our emissions by 55 percent by 2030,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Tuesday in Parliament, during his speech at the joint meeting of four parliamentary committees to discuss the strategy for a transition to a climate neutral economy.

Mitsotakis noted that “the question is how to clearly describe on a national level the roadmap for the next 30 years, so that we meet the European targets for zero greenhouse gas emissions.”

“Climate change issues involve a strong sense of intergenerational solidarity. We have to make society an ally,” he said, adding that “the debate should have a holistic attitude. We must specify a course so that the transition becomes a dynamic process that consolidates the new green developmental model of the country while also having important financial tools, chief among them the ‘Greece 2.0’ Plan”.

“It would be very interesting to hear from the parties which of the plans and reforms of the Greece 2.0 Plan they agree with and which they disagree with,” the prime minister said.

“A new climate law, a framework law for the next 30 years, is of immense importace in the current conjuncture, I believe,” Mitsotakis noted. “Twelve EU member states already have such a law. Greece’s intention is to acquire such a law within the next few months through exhaustive consultation with all stakeholders.”

“I consider this debate extremely useful and fruitful,” he said, concluding his speech in Parliament. “Let’s come to it with useful ideas that the government will take into account during the consultation,” he said.

“Because climate change is already here,” Mitsotakis stressed, “we must, alongside these actions, consider issues concerned with adapting to the repercussions of climate change. It is not only the Recovery Fund, but also the new NSRF that has significant funds. For the first time, there is a separate programme for Civil Protection amounting to 700 million euros,” the prime minister said.

Mitsotakis underlined that “Greece should not be a laggard but a protagonist, with bold decisions, smart policies, mobilisation of public funds where this is necessary, so that we turn this great existential crisis into a great opportunity.”