Net metering solution for homes, businesses promoted

The energy ministry is working on a plan to promote net metering for households and businesses by resolving a current lack of distribution network capacity for this give-and-take electricity solution, the objective being to protect consumers from high electricity prices.

The ministry’s plan will entail reserving a proportion of distribution network capacity around the country for net metering, exclusively, to be made available for households and businesses.

This network capacity reservation solution for net metering will also be valid for areas where net metering applications are low or presently non-existent.

As part of the effort, the energy ministry has asked the distribution network operator DEDDIE/HEDNO to prepare an online platform specifically for net metering applications.

The network capacity shortage for net metering has been more acute for businesses, many of which have had applications rejected by the operator as a result of this lack of space.

An increasing number of enterprises are turning to net-metering solutions as a means of reducing their energy costs in the long term.