Pavlopoulos: International and EU law have shaped Greece’s borders

“International and European Law have definitively and irrevocably shaped the borders of Greece, which are also borders of the European Union. There is no question about these borders. So there are no gray zones,” Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos said on Monday in Alexandroupolis, where he attended the celebration of the 98th anniversary of its liberation.

Pavlopoulos referred to the necessity of defending Greece’s unity in order to achieve the country’s national goals and the readiness of the Greek Armed Forces to defend the country’s borders at all times. He also referred to the continued detention of two Greek soldiers by Turkey, in a maximum security prison in Edirne, after they were captured near the Greek-Turkish border during a routine patrol after allegedly crossing the border line into Turkey.

On the detention of the two Greek soldiers, held in Edirne since March 1, the Greek president noted that their detention by Turkey was “arbitrary”.