Extrajudicial action from Panagakos group for RES auction cancellation

The Panagakos group, owner of the Spes Solaris renewable energy company, has taken extrajudicial action against RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, following its postponement of the RES auction’s session for large-scale PV projects on December 10.

The energy authority cancelled the session after concluding the company was manipulating proceedings.

In its extrajudicial action, the Panagakos group complains of the defamation suffered by its corporate member and also requests that RAE revoke its decision to cancel the competition.

The corporate group has also sent letters with its claims to the energy ministry, development ministry and other authorities.

In essence, the Panagakos corporate group is making clear its next moves as to whether to file a case against RAE will depend on the terms and conditions to be set for the rescheduled auction, expected in January.

The company wants an end to constant obstacles preventing the development of its investment plan for RES projects with a total capacity of 275 MW, a group official noted.

The Panagakos group had set a strategic plan to develop these projects, 45 in all, seven years ago. They have yet to be developed.