Organizational changes at PPC, second deputy chief added

The board at power utility PPC is preparing a number of organizational changes ahead of its imminent new business plan, to signal the beginning of the end of the corporation’s lignite units and turn to renewable energy.

The board is set to abolish three departments overseeing mining, production and development.

The first of these divisions was tasked with handling lignite mines connected to PPC’s coal generators and lignite quantity management. The second oversaw all forms of production, such as thermoelectric, biomass and RES units, as well as hydropower station reservoirs. The third department was in charge of RES growth – except for geothermal and biomass – and major-scale hydropower facilities.

These three divisions will be replaced by two new departments, one covering lignite production and the other thermoelectric and hydropower production. The former will manage PPC’s mines and lignite units and the latter all other power plants powered by all other fuel sources and major-scale hydropower units.

PPC Renewables, to remain a subsidiary, will reclaim all the responsibilities that were distributed by the corporation’s previous administration to the three aforementioned divisions being abolished.

PPC’s recently appointed administration also intends to appoint a second deputy chief, to be tasked with supervising the corporate group’s commercial activities and pricing policy, sources informed.

The other existing deputy, Yiannis Kopanakis, will supervise the new divisions.