Operator set to execute electricity supply cut orders

Distribution network operator DEDDIE/HEDNO has avoided executing electricity cut orders issued by suppliers since early March, when the coronavirus pandemic’s restrictive measures truly began stifling economic activity in Greece, but this tolerant stance is about to change, beginning this week, energypress sources have informed.

Late last week, DEDDIE officials contacted electricity supply companies to ask if previous power cut orders targeting consumers behind on electricity bill payments remain valid and, if so, whether suppliers still want the operator to pull the plug on them.

In general, suppliers seem to want action but will remain lenient with customers whose bad payment records are strictly linked to the coronavirus-related lockdown. No tolerance is expected to be offered to customers who have been unreliable for extended periods.

Electricity suppliers have accumulated enough data to be able to distinguish between customers directly impacted by the current lockdown and those exploiting the situation to avoid payments, even if financially capable, and, in a number of cases, affluent.

This targeted strategy is expected to be pursued by the independent electricity suppliers as well as power utility PPC, the market’s main player.

DEDDIE has made clear to suppliers that it will bear no responsibility for executions of electricity cut orders.