New operator online platform to better manage high PV interest

Distribution network operator DEDDIE/HEDNO has begun constructing a new online platform to enable swifter processing of connection applications lodged by investors behind new solar energy units, currently at a heightened level.

The new system will also offer applicants real-time snapshots of available distribution network capacity throughout the country, thereby enabling them to decide whether it would be feasible to obtain connection terms in specific areas, as well as providing a good estimate of the time this could take.

The new platform will also offer investors an overall picture of applications submitted and how many of these still need to be processed.

As part of its online upgrade plan, DEDDIE/HEDNO will also aim to simplify the connection application procedure and introduce software hastening processing times as a means of catering to the heightened PV interest of small and medium-scale investors.

The platform will also be available for net-metering applications as well as PV system applications concerning the agricultural sector.

Speaking in parliament yesterday, energy minister Kostas Skrekas noted that a proportion of grid capacity around the country will be reserved for net-metering solutions, confirming a recent energypress report.