Operator batting to restore power supply after snowstorm

Distribution network operator DEDDIE/HEDNO’s entire workforce is working around the clock to restore energy supply to areas without power or experiencing outages as a result of network damages caused by a heavy snowstorm that hit many parts of the country from early yesterday, including the wider Athens area.

The operator is striving to restore supply by tonight in affected areas in order to limit outages for households, including vulnerable groups, and avoid a second night without electricity.

It is a challenging task as access to some affected areas, especially in remote areas, has been limited by roads covered in snow.

A snowstorm that hit Greece last winter, during the month of February, had left a considerable number of households without power for as many as five days. Such drama cannot yet be ruled out on this occasion.

Last night, numerous electricity supply cuts were reported in many parts of Athens, especially the north and areas on the northern outskirts.

DEDDIE/HEDNO has urged the public to stay away from any network damages spotted, such as fallen power lines and broken utility poles, and instead immediately inform the operator via the hotlines 11500, 2111900500, the MyDEDDIE app on Android and iOS on mobile phones, or the deddie.gr website.