Online platform for roof-mounted solar panel subsidies riddled with issues

An online platform for roof-mounted solar panel subsidies launched by the energy ministry earlier this week has been riddled with issues as close to 90 percent of 2,100 applications submitted until yesterday have been rejected as a result of errors prompted by ambiguities and shortcomings.

Interested parties can submit applications up to two times, meaning ambiguities leading to flawed applications must be cleared up as soon as possible, otherwise numerous applicants will end up being blocked from the platform.

A platform detail requiring applicants to submit official declarations in the case of rented or free-of-charge housing has been the cause of some of the confusion. Also, category-related ambiguities have ended up blocking applications submitted by farmers.

Furthermore, a term requiring applicants to submit tax and social security fund updates confirming that they do not owe any outstanding sums to either department promises to stand as a major obstacle for the subsidy program’s success.

Under the current terms, many applicants owing even the slightest tax or social security fund amount will be barred from the online platform subsidizing roof-mounted solar panels.