RES tariff changes will not affect current investments, ministry assures

New RES sector terms, including tariff revisions, to be introduced by the energy ministry through a ministerial decision expected next month, will not affect investment plans currently in progress, ministry sources have ascertained.

RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, has forwarded a series of proposals to the energy ministry, expected to serve as a basis for the prospective RES support framework revisions.

These concern new tariff recommendations for wind energy facilities of less than 3 MW (6 MW for energy communities); wind energy projects of over 3 MW backed by public and private sector partnership agreements signed in 2016 but not expected to be operating by the end of 2020; and PV investments of up to 100 KW.

Among the RAE proposals is a recommendation for a tariff reduction to 79.77 euros per MWh from 98 euros per MWh for wind energy facilities of up to 3 MW (6 MW for energy communities).

In addition, the energy authority recommends a universal starting price of 71.91 euros per MWh for all solar energy RES auctions between 500 MW to 20 MW.

The energy authority’s list of recommendations, the first of more to come, focuses on the most pressing of matters, the objective being to offer investors market condition clarity.