Older PV applicants given one month to follow through or step aside

Applicants who, in the past, had submitted paper work for roof-mounted photovoltaic systems but did not complete procedures will be given one month to resubmit their applications, HEDNO, the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator, has announced.

HEDNO is seeking to rid the system of a backlog of applications that were left unattended by interested parties and which are now bogging down processing procedures for a new wave of applications made by individuals and enterprises seeking to capitalize on a newly introduced net metering legal framework.

The net metering plan will enable electricity consumers who generate their own power from an eligible on-site facility and deliver it to local distribution facilities to offset the electric energy provided by the utility during an applicable billing period.

Failure by past applicants to respond to the one-month deadline for reapplication will lead to their files being shelved, which will make way for the fresh interest being expressed, HEDNO noted.

This condition will apply for applications made throughout the country, HEDNO announced.

Many older applications made for photovoltaic systems, now sitting idly and saturating capacity limits, are blocking entrepreneurial photovoltaic interest that has been prompted by the net metering plan on islands with major tourism activity such as Crete and Skyros.