Less red tape for net-metering PV installations

The energy ministry has set as a priority to simplify the bureaucratic procedure households and businesses must go through to install solar panels for net metering purposes, before it launches a subsidy program for over 250,000 such installations, as it has announced.

Officials at the energy ministry and distribution network operator DEDDIE/HEDNO are currently finalizing legal revisions needed to simplify the procedure for net-metering solar panel installations.

The country’s political leadership has asked officials working on the matter to abolish the need for any unnecessary supporting documents and make the procedure as simple as possible for applicants.

The objective is to simplify the procedure down to a level requiring just a few steps, all online.

The distribution network operator has made available 10 MW at each of its sub-stations to facilitate grid entry for the forthcoming subsidy program’s solar power systems to be installed for net metering purposes.

The government is expected to publish guidelines for the subsidy program early in 2023.