NSRF funds for gas network at €111m, Alexandroupoli FSRU on the cards

Gas network development projects for the expansion and upgrade of transmission and distribution infrastructure are included in the EU’s National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) funding program for a total of 111.2 million euros, a local authority has noted.

In addition, an NSRF funding application is now also being prepared for a prospective FSRU facility in Alexandroupoli, northeastern Greece, according to Panagiotis Korkolis, the secretary-general for public investments and NSRF funding.

Gas grid expansion and upgrade projects are being planned for central Greece, northern Greece’s central Macedonia and west Macedonia regions, eastern Macedonia and Thrace in the country’s northeast; as well as western Greece.

The country’s gas networks are an integral part of the country’s energy system, now headed towards digitization and an expansion of interconnections both within and beyond Greece, according to energy minister Giorgos Stathakis, in response to a related question in parliament from MPs of the centrist Movement for Change (KINAL).