No essential market share changes for suppliers after some mobility

Consumer switches from one electricity supplier to another appear to be stabilizing following some month-to-month mobility between January and October, a reflection of the unease felt by consumers amid the energy crisis.

Power utility PPC, the dominant market player and key source of new customers for independent suppliers, has virtually regained mild market losses experienced since January.

PPC began the year with a 43.37 percent market share, at the end of January, in the mid-voltage category, before dropping as low as 35.35 percent in March, only to eventually rebound to 41.73 percent by August.

In the low-voltage category, PPC began the year with a market share of 65.16 percent, achieving marginal gains in ensuing months for a market share of 66.78 percent by August.

Overall, PPC’s market share was 64.50 percent in January, experienced a slight dip to no less than 63.36 percent in May, and ended August at 64.41 percent, virtually unchanged from the beginning of the year.