New RES spatial framework postponed again, until March, 2024

A long-awaited, and controversial, revised spatial framework for the RES sector has been postponed until March 27, 2024, following a recent energy ministry decision that has just been announced.

The delay is mainly due to events that could not have been foreseen and avoided, according to the ministry, which spared the company commissioned with the task of any responsibility.

The new spatial framework for the RES sector, an update of a plan from 2008, is being prepared over a five-stage process, beginning with an analysis and assessment of the current setting. This first stage has been completed and the procedure is now at its second stage, which, along with the ensuing three stages, includes the update’s proposals and details.

This latest delay to the plan comes following a previous postponement last May, when the energy ministry had set April 13, 2023 as the delivery date for the revised spatial framework.

The new spatial framework for the RES sector will detail areas given the green light to host RES unit installations, along with conditions and requirements, as well as prohibited areas.