New rules to ban wind turbines at tall mountains, small islands

The installation of wind energy facilities at tall mountains and small islands is expected to be banned by new government regulations to be included in the country’s new spatial planning framework for the RES sector.

Work on the revised spatial planning framework, to regard tall mountains and small islands as special cases, is still at an early stage and is not expected for another year, at best.

Specifications defining what constitutes a tall mountain or small island have yet to clarified at this early stage of the plan.

Last summer, during the country’s wildfires, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis had noted wind turbines would be banned from tall mountains and small islands. These thoughts were reiterated at energypress’s recent Renewable & Storage Forum by former environment ministry deputy Dimitris Economou.

The government wants to establish the new RES spatial framework as soon as possible to provide clear-cut rules limiting the reaction of local communities to RES installations in various parts of the country.