New polls show Syriza maintains 15.2% lead

According to a new poll by MRB for the Real News newspaper, Syriza maintains a 15.2% lead over new Democracy in the “who would you vote for” question. Syriza is polling at 36.1% with New Democracy at 20.9%. 

The majority of people expect that an agreement can be secured (74.1% expect compromise) and wish for Greece to remain in the Eurozone (71.9%). 

A second poll by Marc also shows that Syriza maintains a 15.2% lead, polling at 36.2% with New Democracy at 21%. The majority of people are in favour of Greece remaining in the Eurozone (66.2%) in this poll as well. Finally, a poll by Rass shows Syriza’s lead at 18% (Syriza at 38.3%, New Democracy at 20.4%).