New KINAL leader: Transition needs to be fair for society

The energy transition towards full decarbonization needs to be sustainable for the economy and fair for society, a strategy that must be adopted by Greece, as has been by Europe’s social democrats, Nikos Androulakis, 42, just elected the new leader of the center-left Movement for Change (KINAL) party, after serving as European Parliament lawmaker, has declared.

Androulakis faced former PM George Papandreou, 69, in a runoff yesterday for the party’s leadership, winning the contest with 68.4 percent of the vote.

Network investments and innovation are needed for swift and balanced growth in renewable energy and storage, Androulakis stressed following his victory.

A better network right now would have enabled the establishment of hundreds of energy communities for the support of the primary sector, reducing energy production cost, a major issue, the new KINAL leader noted.

This winter, 34 percent of Europeans cannot afford full heating, Androulakis said. He questioned why Greece is not pursuing a more gradual energy transition like other EU member states, as well as the motives behind this rush.

The goal is to build resilient societies, where the changes brought about by climate change will not undermine people’s living standards in the short or long-term and will protect both humans and the natural environment, Androulakis had noted in the lead-up to the KINAL party’s leadership race.