New investments worth €132.2m included in DESFA 10-year plan

New investments worth 132.2 million euros have been included in gas grid operator DESFA’s updated ten-year development plan covering 2017 to 2026, which was approved by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, in February but has only just been released. The plan was forwarded for consultation by RAE back in October, 2017.

RAE’s approval was delayed by a number of projects, including a gas pipeline plan to link Greece and North Macedonia, as a result of a rival project proposal supported by Windows International Hellas, an enterprise controlled by Russian entrepreneur Leonid Lebedev.

RAE needed to decide on whether to endorse the DESFA or Windows International Hellas investment plan for this pipeline project. The authority ended up approving both. Windows International Hellas and DESFA will now need to contest the project’s contract.

A plan for a small-scale dock envisioned for the Revythoussa LNG terminal on an islet close to Athens, to service small vessels with LNG capacities of 1,000 to 20,000 cubic meters, has been deferred for inclusion into the 10-year program at a latter stage. RAE has requested a full plan from DESFA for this project’s development.