Gas network to be developed in Farsala, mid-northeast

Gas supply company EPA Thessalia, covering Greece’s mid-northeast, intends to begin supplying the provincial city of Farsala, as part of its investment plan to further expand its network, according to energypress sources.

Once completed and launched, the Farsala project, which promises to offer solutions to the city’s household, commercial and industrial sectors, will begin serving the majority of public and municipal buildings, as well as a large number of households.

The extent of its further development will be determined by the level of consumer interest and population density.

EPA Thessalia will develop the project’s measurement and control station, budgeted at 2.5 million euros, with DESFA, Greece’s natural gas grid operator. The network and station, which has been inducted into the Development Program for the National Natural Gas System, is scheduled to begin operating in the winter of 2016-2017.

Procurement procedures for all equipment needed to develop the project will take place over the next few months, while local authorities and agencies will also be informed of related details.

Construction of the project’s medium-pressure network, whose distance will cover 2.9 kilometers, is scheduled to begin in February, 2016 and be completed three months later. Construction of the low-pressure infrastructure, to measure approximately 6 kilometres in length, is expected to begin in April next year and require four months to complete. All work on the project’s distribution network is scheduled to be completed by July, 2016, along with the measurement and control station. First-stage gas supply is expected to begin in September, 2016.