New five-month ‘disruption plan’ auction to be staged

IPTO, the power grid operator, has scheduled two “disruption management” plan auctions for today, the biggest to date, to cover a five-month period from May 1 to September 30.

The operator will auction off 750 MW in the first auction (long-term service) and 900 MW in the second auction (short-term service).

IPTO has announced that 26 prospective bidders have expressed an interest to take part in the first auction, while 30 participants intend to bid in the second auction.

Some of the prospective bidders will be taking part in the “disruption management” auctions for the first time. These include PAKO paper mills, Hellenic Cables and its subsidiary firm Fulgor. They will be able to take part as IPTO has lowered the lower capacity limit to 3 MW.

Other participants include ELPE, Titan, Aluminium of Greece, Sovel, Sidenor, Halkor, Solk, Yioula, Hellenic Halyvourgia, MEL, Fibran, Epilektos, Halyps, the main power utility PPC, Iraklis, Flexopack and Larco.

The “disruption management” plan is intended to enable energy cost savings for major-scale industry in exchange for shifting energy usage to off-peak hours whenever required by the operator.