Negotiations between Greece and its creditors are entering the final phase

Negotiations between Greece and its lenders are entering their final phase and since last week, the government has issued specific directions to its representatives at the Brussels Group to speed up the process, it was announced on Saturday.

The government will continue through the weekend to specify Greek proposals.

Ahead of the Summit meeting in Riga, Latvia, the government will also intensify political processes and consultations with a view to reaching a single, four-year agreement that will provide solutions and will not perpetuate recession. The summit and an emergency Eurogroup meeting could play an important role in achieving a deal and resolving the problem of liquidity.

Speaking at the Economist Conference in Athens on Friday, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said: “Our government’s negotiating plan is realistic and viable. We call on the other side to become more realistic, after five continuous years of unrealistic targets and continued failures.”