Negotiations between government and institutions’ representatives concluded

The new round of negotiations between the government and the representatives of the institutions within the framework of the second programme review was concluded at 5.30 am on Tuesday.
The representatives of the institutions will depart from Athens and the discussions will continue by teleconference, probably before the Euro Working Group on November 28.
According to officials participating in the Greek negotiating team, there are three open issues – labour, energy, fiscal. On the labour issue, no progress has been recorded while the two sides seem to have reached greater convergence on the issues of fiscal figures and the extra judicial settlement of bad loans. 
However, progress has been achieved on the issue of the procedure of common collection of taxes and contributions, which will be later redefined based on a roadmap to be decided until March 2017 between the Labour Ministry and the General Secretariat of Public Revenue, as well as the implementation of the OECD toolkit.