ND leader Mitsotakis: Delays have had a large impact on the Greek economy

Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis in a party meeting on Monday accused the government of leading the country to a fourth memorandum through the back door.
“The celebrations of February 20 have been proven false. The delays have had a large impact on the Greek economy,” he said.
“Deposits flee, deterioration of economic climate and uncertainty. The cost of Mr Tsipras’ lack of abilities is too high. The government’s inefficiency to implement a reform programme has reduced Greece’s credibility. All these have resulted into additional harsh measures after the conclusion of the third programme. Each day that passes Greece’s effort to borrow from the markets in order to secure its financing needs is becoming more and more difficult. If this is not achieved, we will be led to a fourth memorandum from the back door without even safeguarding additional funding.