Natural gas consumption hits record level in 2021, up 10.9%

Natural gas consumption in Greece reached an all-time high in 2021, increasing by 10.87 percent to 69.96 million MWh, up from 63.1 million MWh in 2020, according to annual data provided by DESFA, the country’s gas grid operator.

Natural gas-fueled power stations represented the greatest share of this consumption, using 68.65 percent in 2021, while household consumers and suppliers linked to the grid followed with 18.77 percent. Industrial enterprises directly linked with DESFA’s high-pressure supply system consumed 12.56 percent of the country’s total natural gas inflow.

Sidirokastro in Greece’s northeast remains the main natural gas entry point, while considerable natural gas quantities were also brought in from the new Nea Mesimvria entry point, in the north, which, since late 2020, has linked the country’s grid with the TAP pipeline running across northern Greece.