National RES plan overpowers regional versions, officials note

Energy and environment ministry officials, in comments to energypress, insist that a national plan determining locations where RES facility installations are permitted overpowers regional plans.

Subsequently, a regional plan for Crete that forbids RES installations within Natura areas – EU network of protected areas – cannot take effect even though it has already been signed by energy minister Giorgos Stathakis and published in the government gazette, ministry officials pointed out.

Even so, RES sector investors fear the regional plan for Crete could include details that may set a precendent and lead to project development restrictions on a wider level.

A considerable number of local Syriza party officials in Crete are playing key roles in moves opposing large-scale RES development.

According to the regional plan for Crete, RES installations, especially wind farms, are subject to existing environmental measures that apply for Natura areas.

On photovoltaic facilities, the plan for Crete notes that further licenses for installations anywhere on the island are to be avoided as a result of this technology’s tendency to proliferate and considerable environmental impact.