Mytilinaios will greatly benefit the power sector in Libya

According to Libya 24, the Libyan ambassador to Greece, Mohammed Younes Bashir, said that “ the Libyan embassy in Greece has played a role in the presence of Mytilinaios company in Libya and in facilitating its task to construct a gas-fired power plant in Tobruk by issuing visas for [its staff members] in a record time.”
Moreover, the ambassador stated that he had held various meetings with the management of Mytilinaios in Greece due to his interest in bringing Greek and, in general, European companies to Libya.
He also explained that Libya will soon be in a dire need for big, high-level companies, especially since Libya has already exited a state of war and is nearing a reconstruction phase.
The Greek power company, Mytilinaios, is considered one of Greece’s most prominent firms. In addition, its partner for this project, US’s General Electric, is one of the world’s biggest companies, the ambassador added.
This project, according to the ambassador, constitutes a civilisational leap and will greatly benefit the power sector, further noting that the construction of the plant will be completed within a year and its production will cover a huge part of the demand of the eastern region.