More Peloponnese RES offers, bigger Crete-Athens link requested

ELETAEN, the Greek Wind Energy Association, has, among other recommendations, called for new RES project connection offers in the Peloponnese ahead of the nearing completion of a new 400-kV line from Megalopoli to Antirrio.

The association’s recommendations were included in an ELETAEN letter for Greek authorities. It was contributed to a public consultation procedure staged by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, for an ESMYE (Greek Association for Small-Scale Hydropower Projects) ten-year development plan covering 2019 to 2028.

ELETAEN, in another request, calls for authorities to seriously consider – even at this belated stage – a transmission capacity increase for the planned Crete-Athens grid interconnection.

ELETAEN hails the ten-year development plan’s recognition of the need to develop the system in order to facilitate major RES penetration and growth.

It also approves the plan’s priority for the interconnection of the Aegean islands with the mainland system. However, ELETAEN calls for an acceleration of Aegean island interconnections concerning the Cyclades project’s fourth phase, the northeast Aegean, as well as the Dodecanese, noting these should be operational well before the development plan’s ten-year period expires.

Clarification and improvement of measures aiming to end regional RES saturation in certain areas such as Trizinia, in the northeast Peloponnese, as well as southeast Peloponnese and the mainland’s southern territory, is also called for in ELETAEN’s public consultation contribution.

The association also requests more ambitious and specific planning for international interconnections.