Ministry’s PPC bill to liberalize procurement, recruiting costs

A draft bill being prepared by the energy ministry to detach the public power corporation PPC from state utility-related limits and regulations is close to being completed. Officials at the ministry and PPC are deliberating and finalizing details, sources informed.

PPC’s recently appointed administration wants the energy ministry bill to lift various obstacles so that the utility may compete with independent electricity suppliers on equal terms and also offer market-rate remuneration packages for recruiting officials.

Under current regulations, PPC faces obstacles in staging competitive procedures for procurement and services.

With the new terms, PPC, whenever opting to take part in RAE (Regulatory Authority for Energy) competitions for RES project financing, will be able to invite wind turbine and solar panel manufacturers to submit offers without being subject to national system checks for public competitive procedures.

At present, rival bidders have the right to be informed on the offers accumulated by PPC, giving them an advantage.