Ministry to finalize target model launch date next week

Though the electricity market’s target model launch is scheduled for a September 17 launch, energy ministry officials have shown some reservation by noting the ministry will be in a position to make a finalized decision on the precise date in one week, energypress sources have informed.

The ministry is closely monitoring an ongoing dry-run procedure offering simulated testing of all market systems and assessing their level of readiness on a daily basis, the sources noted.

Operators may have declared being ready for the launch but the energy ministry will not give the green light for a launch until it is absolutely certain that every single issue has been fully resolved.

A change of the launch date for the new markets – day-ahead, intraday, forward and balancing – will be made if this is considered necessary, but any deferral will be limited, officials noted, implying that no more than a few weeks could be given.

The dry-run procedure and rectification of any glitches was supposed to have been completed by now, but authorities have just granted an extension until September 6.