Ministry preparing market liberalization plan for January

The energy ministry, working following a latest report by the European Commission, has yet to decide on the details of corrective antitrust measures it is expected to present to Brussels in January, energypress sources informed.

Market officials, seeking greater electricity market liberalization, are looking forward to measures.

The ministry is striving to revise the negotiating base with Brussels. Athens believes the country’s decarbonization package, aiming for the closure of the bulk of power utility PPC’s carbon generators by 2023, and the rest by 2028, will successfully counter a European Court decision against PPC’s lignite monopoly.

The Greek lignite withdrawal effort includes a plan to close the Megalopoli and Amynteo coal generators by summer.

The energy ministry measures should emerge as a prelude to negotiations with Brussels that month.

The Greek government will, under no circumstances, accept a return of NOME auctions, as these are deemed to have generated considerable losses for PPC without any result in terms of the utility’s market share contraction to 50 percent, as had been agreed to by the previous government, sources noted.

Brussels has consistently opposed the Greek government’s recent decision to terminate NOME auctions.