Ministry preparing to deliver energy cooperatives draft bill

The energy ministry is preparing legal framework that will permit the establishment of energy cooperatives, enabling the operation of wind farms, bioenergy and photovoltaic farms for energy production with local and regional scope.

The ministry intends to soon deliver to Parliament a draft bill whose content will include start-up and operating regulations for energy cooperatives.

“The development of this democratic form of energy planning will also serve to change the country’s energy mix, as energy projects of mild environmental impact, such as renewable energy facilities, constantly gaining ground, are expected to be promoted on a local scale,” noted energy minister Giorgos Stathakis.

Internationally recognized energy cooperative practices have already been studied and assessed at the ministry, which will use its conclusions, along with EU directives, to shape a draft bill appropriate for local conditions.

A number of European countries, including Germany, Belgium and Denmark, have already acknowledged the usefulness and significance of local energy cooperatives.

The Greek version being promoted by the energy ministry will not restrict consumers to the role of client but also enable entrepreneurial participation in cooperatives.

Consumers will have a say in cooperative matters and their energy needs, while profit objectives will not necessarily serve as the main driving force behind these energy cooperatives.

Ultimately, energy costs are expected to be lowered through the utilization of various energy market tools, including net metering, virtual net metering and smart meters.