IGI Poseideon pipeline’s environmental terms endorsed

The Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change has endorsed the environmental terms set for the Greek side of the IGI Poseidon project, an offshore pipeline to link the Greek and Italian natural gas transportation systems. The environmental terms for related  complementary projects were also endorsed.

The underwater pipeline project, to measure approximately 205 kilometers in length and include measuring stations at both ends, will include two overland segments on either side, one by the coast of Epirus, northwestern Greece, the other by the Otranto shoreline in southern Italy’s Apulia region.

The Greek segment of the IGI Poseidon project will measure approximately 146 kilometers.

The pipeline’s diameter will measure 81.3 centimeters, while its maximum pressure level will be 140 bar. The infrastructure project’s initial transmission capacity will be nine billion cubic meters (bcm) per year, while it will be designed to allow a capacity increase to twelve billion cubic meters per year, if required.