Ministry disregarding wind-energy association, latter protests

ELETAEN, the Greek Wind Energy Association, presented an action plan yesterday, ahead of the forthcoming Global Wind Day – a worldwide event held annually every June 15 – while protesting that requests made to the Production Reconstruction, Environment and Energy Ministry are being largely disregarded.

The association’s action plan lists a number of policy proposals shaped as a response to current conditions, as well as a result of scientific and entrepreneurial studies conducted in the wind-energy sector.

The sector’s development will serve to help attain objectives concerning environmental protection and quality of life, economic growth and reduction of energy costs, as well as social cohesion and employment level targets, the association supports.

Among the policy proposals included in the association’s action plan is the need for a sustainable RES (renewable energy source) special account, new legislation for a mechanism offering support to new RES investments, infrastructure development, a climate policy looking ahead to 2030 and beyond, reorganization of the electricity market, as well as a focus on innovation and technology.

“Unfortunately, these proposals, as well as suggestions to the state for democratic dialogue, have failed to prompt a response from the energy ministry,” ELETAEN noted. “We call upon the new government to collaborate with the wind-energy sector and envisage, along with it, a clean energy-related future, so that our country is not left behind in European and international RES developments.”