Two mixed, two technology-specific RES auctions this year

The energy ministry is laying the groundwork to stage four RES auctions during the remainder of 2023, offering a total capacity of 1,600 MW. Two of these sessions will be mixed RES auctions while the other two will be technology-specific.

The ministry is preparing to sign a ministerial decision that will enable these auctions to be staged. They will be open to both small and large-scale solar and wind energy facilities.

The same ministerial decision will also launch a pilot auction for green-energy facilities combining batteries into their operations. A total of 200 MW will be offered to investors through this auction.

All the aforementioned competitive procedures are foreseen in a new support scheme that was given the green light by the European Commission in late November, 2021. One mixed RES auction has already been held within this plan’s framework.

Two mixed RES auctions offering a total capacity of 1,200 MW will be staged for large-scale wind energy facilities with capacities exceeding 6 MW and solar energy parks with capacities over 1 MW. According to sources, auction starting prices will be set at 63 euros per MWh for wind energy units and 54 euros per MWh for solar farms.

The imminent ministerial decision will also enable the staging of two technology-specific RES auctions in 2023, both for small-scale projects. One will concern solar energy units with capacities of less than 1 MW and offer a total of 100 MW at a starting price of 70 euros per MWh.

The second of these two technology-specific RES auctions will concern wind energy facilities with capacities of less than 6 MW, at a starting price of 83 euros per MWh.