Meliti, Megalopoli units more competitive, LAGIE data shows

The main power utility PPC’s existing Megalopoli and Meliti power stations, being considered as alternatives to an Amynteo facility rejected by European Commission authorities for inclusion in the utility’s bailout-required unit sale package, are far more competitive options, wholesale market data released by LAGIE, the Electricity Market Operator, has shown.

The Megalopoli and Meliti power stations, being considered by local authorities for inclusion in PPC’s sale package, along with a construction permit for development of a second Meliti unit, offer wholesale electricity prices that are as much as 15 to 17 euros per MWh less than other lignite-fired power stations and natural-gas fueled facilities, the LAGIE data showed.

The System Marginal Price (SMP) at the Meliti unit stood at 37.11 euros per MWh at 5am today. At the Megalopoli 3 unit, SMP levels of 35.001 and 35.003 euros per MWh were registered over the the next two hours.

A market test determining the level of interest of investors in PPC’s sale package is scheduled to take place in October. The LAGIE data provided on the Megalopoli and Meliti units could influence the list’s content.