Major industrial firms demand power term revisions from PPC

A number of major industrial enterprises are seeking revisions to their electricity supply agreements with main power utility PPC, an anticipated move following a recent tariff agreement between Aluminium of Greece and the utility following years of disputes, including legal action.

The requests were expressed through letters demanding equivalent terms to those offered by PPC to Aluminium of Greece.

The industrial producers, hailing from the cement, steel and aluminium sectors, want their agreements with PPC to be extended until 2020, as is the case with Aluminium of Greece, for some mid-term planning stability.

The industrial producers are also demanding a 25 percent discount, as major-scale clients, and a further 15 percent discount as a bonus for punctual payment of electricity bills. At present, PPC’s high-voltage clients are offered a 5 percent discount for payments on time.

The industrial firms are also demanding a special 8 percent discount offered to Aluminium of Greece, based on its consumer profile.

Officials representing these industrial producers had attended a recent extraordinary shareholders meeting held by PPC to approve the new terms offered to Aluminium of Greece. These officials asked to be informed of the details, a move that strongly suggested they would follow up with demands for improved terms.

PPC officials have responded by noting that the case of Aluminium of Greece is extraordinary. Even so, the industrial producers appear determined to take the matter all the way.