Low hydropower unit water levels may spark summer energy crisis

Low water levels at hydropower station reservoirs in many European countries threaten to cause a series of electricity supply problems around the continent. A repeat of the past winter’s energy crisis cannot be ruled out if extremely high temperatures prevail and various emergency cases arise.

As was pointed out in a recent article published by the Argus media group, current water reservoir shortages are altering European electricity market dynamics and the situation is expected to extend into the long term.

Extremely low temperatures experienced around Europe in December and January prompted energy shortages and forced authorities to increase their reliance on hydropower stations. This development severely depleted water reserves.

Greece was no exception. The energy crisis that affected the country between December 19 and February 13 significantly lowered Greek reservoir water levels.

In January, the country’s hydropower stations needed to increase their electricity generation by 66 percent, compared to the equivalent month a year earlier. Hydropower output during the first month of this year reached 658 GWh, up from 396 GWh in January last year.