Loose electricity subsidy criteria to offer support for most consumers

Government officials are preparing to apply loose criteria that will enable as many consumers as possible to be eligible for a new round of electricity subsidies in the new year. The administration anticipates even higher energy prices to levels that threaten to create a major social problem.

The European Commission has, for some time, requested the delivery of criteria, noting financially stronger consumers should be excluded from the next round of electricity subsidies.

Energy ministry Kostas Skrekas held related talks yesterday with the European Commission’s Vice-President Margrethe Vestager, also Brussel’s Commissioner for Competition.

The further energy price surge anticipated for January threatens to put household and business consumers under even greater pressure.

Electricity prices in January could reach 200 percent higher compared to levels a year earlier, while natural gas prices may rise to 600 percent more than levels registered last January.

Government officials are also seeking energy-cost support for small and medium-sized enterprises.