Local resistance against substation ‘to blame for power issues on Tinos’

Local resistance by islanders that ended up blocking the installation of a new electrical substation on Tinos is the reason behind functional issues at the island’s desalination facilities late last summer, DEDDIE/HEDNO, the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator, has responded to extrajudicial action taken by the Tinos municipality following frequent voltage fluctuations.

The functional issues at the desalination facilities impacted water supply on Tinos.

The design and maintenance standards of the island’s mid-voltage power supply lines are based on Greek and international specifications, DEDDIE/HEDNO noted in its response to the Tinos municipality’s extrajudicial action.

The operator explained that extreme weather conditions experienced on the island in late August, a factor whose effects on electricity grids can never be ruled out, impacted mid-voltage supply.

Realizing Tinos needed a power grid revamp prior to the summer’s voltage fluctuations and consequent issues, DEDDIE/HEDNO as well as IPTO, the Greek power grid operator, had scheduled the development of a new substation with a high-to-medium voltage transformer, which would have significantly improved the quality of power supply on Tinos. However, plans for a new substation were thwarted by legal action taken by islanders.