Local high-tech robotic arm for design showing promise

HUM[erus], a low-cost portable robotic arm with changing head tools that is capable of 3d-printing, laser-cutting, gripping and drawing, currently being developed by the Archoff team, a trio of Greek architectural engineers, was one of the national finalists at the recent Creative Business Cup held in Athens.

The Archoff team, comprised of Haralambos Triantos, Irini Vouliouri, and Katerina Bali, is being backed by local robotics group 01Mechatronics, run by engineers and robotics enthusiasts, the National Technical University (NTUA), as well as Fab Lab Athens, a creativity platform started at MIT to facilitate the development of innovative ideas.

The Archoff team’s HUM[erus] robotic arm, a high-precision device with a user-frendly interface and design, is being primarily targeted at architects and designers, who, in using the system, will be able to create various prototypes with just one tool.